Friday, April 4, 2014

What the hell is spirituality anyways?

I was thinking.. what the hell is spirituality anyways.. As i got lost into the question, these words started coming out of me..

Don't just read this. Some of them are "deep and profound" and some of them are just stupid.
Rather, vibrate with this. Then you will know.. It is not philosophy.. It is the truth that you also know from deep within.

Spirituality is..
The pursuit of truth. Truth is very difficult to express in words alone. It is a knowing. A sense of clarity. A 360 degree understanding.
A total knowing. A sense of completion.

Pursuing the ultimate truth is spirituality. The ultimate truth of reality ~Of the being ~Of the self ~ of The identities ~Of the patterns ~Of the dharmas ~Of the karmas.

Spirituality is

The alignment with reality
The journey to reach the ultimate self
To learn your deep BELIEFS and mercilessly squash them
To laugh at yourself
The technology to access your dormant brain powers
The technology to be loving despite of the receiver's state
Ability to access the invisible spirit within
To be extremely adventurous and explore the inner and outer world
To acknowledge that you are afraid when you are afraid.
To demand from GOD as he is yours
To serve GOD as he is yours
To acknowledge there is no GOD, its all you
To acknowledge there is no you, its all GOD
To be completely ok with the label "Crazy"
To powerfully integrate the right and left brain
To find courage to express yourself
To have the ambition to know SHIVA.. in truest self.. to make him your personal servant.. to make him your personal master
To acknowledge that miracle exists and start performing them
To smile, not for the external.. but because of the internal joy
To dance without alcohol, again.. because you cant help it
To live.. not just physically
To cry without the fear of being judged
To write
To Play guitar
To talk your mind
To explore the limits of your body, mind without fear
To be perfectly fine when you are afraid
To breathe
To attempt meditation practices
To allow meditation to happen
To stand against incompetence, with love
To be able to sit still at will just because you decided to do so
To fail
To attempt again even if it is failure for 25000 times
To have super depth in your commitments
To study astro physics
To be Free even when you are tired
To compete, not against another, but with your self
To have unlimited curiosity
To realize (every time) suffering is self created, and enjoy freeing from it
To just sit, to intimately be with the moment
To explore the potential of the self (the brain, the body, etc)
To atleast start the journey of it.
I can go on..

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Prasanna said...

Good work expressing yourself!! To put it succinctly this seems to be resonating with me more..... spirituality = Evolve, to grow!!