Friday, March 15, 2013

My Longing to travel.. Why do i travel? Why do i want to travel?

I want to wake up everyday and have it be on my own terms. 
If i feel like going to work, I do that, 
If i feel like writing, i do that
If i feel like doing yoga, then i do yoga
If i feel like a poem is coming through me, having the space to pen that down
If i feel like connecting with somebody i do that. 
If i feel like reading a book and plug in mubu's trance into ears, i do that. 
If i feel like going for a swim, do that 
If i feel like teaching yoga, i do that. 
No schedule. My schedule.

Why am i afraid to have such a structure in my life? Because i sometimes become lazy and get sucked into the very things that i created to escape the real world (things like mindless-facebooking, browsing, people pleasing, watching movies, tv shows.. and so on.. you get the idea!..) instead of focusing on other deeper longings in me. 

So i have decided. To travel. There are less or no distractions. No one to ask you questions, no known people to interact with you. You get to meet people with great thoughts, great minds, calm sense of self. Living! not to pretend living! Not so that you can take some pictures and show your friends that you have been to cool place. Not just so that you visit that place soullessly and just tick it off your list. But to enjoy there.. soak in it.. be in it.. sink in it.. Not to just get drunk and miss other things.. But to be with my thoughts, emotions, explore my meditation, explore many books (like mystic's musings, Fountainhead, atlas shrugged, The Celestine prophecies, The immortals of meluha, the razor's edge, Siddharta), get soaked in the wisdom of many great thinkers (like Sadhguru, Osho, Somerset Maugham, Jack Redfield, Hermen Hesse), be with my music.. to have some adventures like in the movie "into the wild", meet incredible people from the movie "the art of travel".. To see if i can live off a happy life with just my yoga, teaching what i know, to learn farming, agriculture, to get fit not by hitting the gym but by manual labour, to increase my stamina not by running on a treadmill but by working on farm lands. 

Just living everyday as an inspirational i can get, as inspiring as it can be! To create mindlessly! Just living to write and working to earn for the day! Everyday ~ to learn, courage, challenge, joy, abundance, celebration and love.

Right now, I am on a travel adventure called Artistic yoga. It is too rich and potent to call it anything less..

You think i have got it wrong somewhere, everywhere? Then tell me! or Challenge me, Criticize me! Or inspire me Or else join me ;)