Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Reasons why i recently turned vegetarian

Recently, 3 weeks back, i made a change in my life and became a vegetarian. Many asked me why. 
So i decided to answer it here.

Since childhood, I was a vegetarian by habit as my parents were vegetarians and i wasn't socially influenced to try meat. That happened when i was in college, at 16, i started eating meat.. (i had tried out eating eggs when i was 12 and i didn't hate them). Then again i decided to go vegetarian 6 years later which i followed for i for 2 years and gave it up and became a meat eater again like a wuss. 

Now, consciously i have chosen to be vegetarian, to start with. Eventually i intend to move towards vegan, raw, organic, wholesome and natural food (VROWN Diet). This is based on knowledge and wisdom from authorities that i adore, respect and try to live up to.

I have been working on changing many aspects of my life which aren't working for me and bring it in alignment with truth, love and power. As a part of that, this step of going away from meat eating was an inevitable living.
Turns out, other than taste, there is nothing really great about eating meat. Also, liking to a "taste" can be rewired in our brains

4 Reasons why i recently turned vegetarian.

  1. The knowledge that human body isn't designed to digest those complex proteins coming from meat. Apparently, we are at our physical best when eating VROWN Diet
  2. It is a myth that we don't get enough proteins from a vegan diet. Some of the leading body builders and athletes are aparently vegan. I think quoting Frank Medrano;)
  3. Global Warming. Meat producing industry is the leading contributor for global warming. I would be a stupid if i said i dont care about the environment. Non knowing is one thing but choosing to be ignorant is totally immature and its disrespectful. 
  4. Spiritual growth. For me spirituality is realizing my potential ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and any other dimensions possible. Looks like VROWN diet is the best bet towards that.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Art of Living's "Yes! +" Program Review


I am generally passionate about personal development. Anything or anybody that can challenge me to become a better person/man/ human being interests me. When i say personal development i mean ~ more congruent living and actions aligned with beliefs, less insecure, more detached-to-result action taking, honest, no BS communication skill, ability to sell without shame on what i believe in, to become better leader, etc.

So after doing Landmark education programs and assisting programs, Isha Yoga programs, and working at artistic yoga for years.. which all definitely made me a better person. I was particulary interested in Art of Living program because of khurshed Batliwala's (bawa) video ( If a system can make such a balanced and centered, active mind, i want to know, understand that system and to let that system influence me. So i said when amrita told me about the course.

I will try and give you best possible review without spoiling it in case if you are considering doing.

YES!+ The course Design

It designed to help youth (18 to 30 years) to have a powerful, yet stress free life. It was a 6 day program with 3 hours each day. It is pretty simple design but can challenge you enough to get you thinking and take a look at your life. How to lead a happy, stress free and yet achieve results.

Sri Sri Ravishankar

See, i am biased towards these "enlightened" gurus, ~ the likes of Osho, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I have listened to their audios, seen their videos, read their books, heard people vouching for them. But that alone is difficult to understand somebody 100% to pass judgments. Either they are really who they say they are or insane or brilliant con-men.

From what i gather, i really think these people can guide us to live a superior life, help us reach our potential, become better human being to start with. So, in these line, i am trusting Sri Sri Ravishankar as a human being and as a spiritual being. He is a powerful leader, compassionate human being, can think beyond his own well being, has made millions of people's live better. However, i am not going to do anything that i dont agree with.

There is always people with good and bad opinions about any thing. I dont know much about Sri Sri Ravishankar, but i have no doubt he is doing things for human well being and happiness. Plus, lots of intelligent people flock to do his courses, so i am sure there must something of value that i can get. That was how i went to the course. Well, after watching some of the videos of the works done by Sri Sri and Art of living, i was inspired for sure. (as i am with the works of Steve Pavlina, Landmark Education, Isha Yoga).

Supportive Social Structure

This is one of the best aspects of doing the course, you get a family of non judgmental people, help you become a better human being.

Whether it is bringing positive energy or reminding you of your commitments, these volunteers help you out, they care!.
It is always a relief and fun to be around those who do things for their passion rather than doing something and expect something in return. 
Also, it is always fun and interesting meeting different kind of people!
But, they are also human beings, so sometimes they screw up too, if you can look past that, they are assets for your personal growth.

Sudharshan kriya

This, ofcourse is the highlight of the course. Simple, powerful breathing technique. Gets me meditative. I still have thoughts (read distractions) during various stages of the process. But still gives me a natural HIGH everytime. Very helpful meditative tool.

The content

It is not as intense as Isha Yoga's Bhava spandana program or Landmark eduction's programs. It is very engaging and there are diverse range of concepts that are covered that will help us in our everyday life. Things like living in the moment, getting rid of the past, giving 100%, and much more are basic self-help life lessons but we dont have it wired into our brain that we live oour life like that. This course is designed t address that. Also, it will definitely kick you out of your comfort zone. It is design to improve you overall as a person ~ in becoming more courageous, more efficient, more confident, less insecure, more outgoing, more risk taking.

The teachers

No doubt the teachers are well trained. They are very professional, very patient, down to earth Teachers who are there for you 100 %. It is obvious that they are doing it for the passion of teaching and sharing than for the money (I am not even sure if they get paid for it.)
Actually the knowledge that the teachers were younger than me made me respect them even more.

No Selling

There is wide range of products, CDs, programs, charity events, etc. But, in my experience they (AOL representatives) definitely do not try to sell anything. I dont have problem in people ruthlessly marketing/ selling in what they believe!

The not-so-good things

The content pretty basic and not super intense. For a person like me, who has done many other personal development programs, the content was refreshing, pushing me to grow for sure.. but not to greatest extent. Low intense, but those 6 days was definitely powerful and i was looking forward to go back again and again. 
As much as i cant point out a complaint at the teachers, in retrospect i wonder it would have been better if i had more experienced teachers.

My personal Benefits

We all have this issue.. We know we want to do something everyday (create a habit).. it could be exercising, hitting the gym, practice guitar, read/ write everyday. Sometimes it works and we do well, but i am talking about those which fails terribly within first week, rarely a genuine reason than just old habit pulling us back.And i am no exception to that.
For me, amongst other things it was sitting down for meditation no matter what. Yeah i know.. i am a yoga teacher and it should be very easy for me, right? but trust me.. its not..

I guess, i get bored very soon expecting for something to happen.. recently i seem to have lost that patience. Just when i sit down to meditate, i remember the phone calls to be returned, meetings to be scheduled, To-Dos..

Something shifted for me in this program. Its been 3 weeks since i was initiated into the practice and i haven't missed a day since and i look forward to do it everyday. 

[ Side Note: I have done other meditation programs and i have been regular at it and later failed to be regular. I have attempted many ways to keep myself motivated and keep the practices going. Amonst those trials, i learnt a lot of lessons. So, i attribute my current success in this area to all those unlearnings that i picked up from Sadhguru~isha, Landmark Education, Some wise people from BTAY]


Personally, i think, even if you got only a spark of interest in doing this program~ Either for sri sri, meditation technique, sudharshan kriya, the social support structure or the social works done~ whatever may it be, then you should do it. It may yield you totally different benefits. 

If not this, then you should participate in and allow yourself to be influenced by any program that actually lifts you out of your own logic and gives you a new view of reality!