Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whats so & The illusion of meanings

Whats So is just whats so. The meaning comes only from you. 
I think this is one of the most beautiful motivational line you can you use when you are down. I use it mostly when I am attached to a certain task and the results let me down. To keep moving on, I need to remove the significance i gave to the result!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Law of Attraction: Guitar

Ever since I first saw "The secret" documentary some 3 years back, the Law of Attraction concept intrigued me. I looked up and read a lot of interesting stuffs that people were doing with the concept. Many have had lots of success in attracting what they wanted. Many have had lots of failures. Also, there are lots of theories about how to apply this concept.

Well, I have had my share of trials as well. Some half-hearted trials with doubts and some real "sincere" trials ;)

Recently I experienced a success which swept me away. Let me tell about it...

Last week, after a long time, I remembered that I wanted to learn guitar. So, I thought, "I am in a place where I can actually spend time learning it. Now, I should stop giving reasons for not learning it. May be I should do something about it".

And I fixed a goal, "I want to be able to play a song with a guitar 1 month from now". For that, I first needed to buy a guitar.  What I asked the universe (i think) was this: I just want guitar coming to my hands by this Saturday. I was also thinking, It'd be cool if i just get it in my hands without actually going through the process of narrowing down a model, or even spend time buying one.

The following Saturday, I walked into my clients place, there was it, a guitar just lying there waiting for me to be seen. I asked her, "Wow, this is cool, who plays guitar here? I was thinking of getting and learning a guitar, so do you know where can i buy it and give me some tips?"

She said, lifting the guitar, "Here take this. This poor thing has been lying around and been used as a stopper for the door from getting closed. Let it be of some use in your hands".

I could not believe what was happening.

I was taken aback, pondering if i should actually accept such a gift. I was like, "No... I don't know... blah... blah... this & that" and then I stopped. For a second, I got present to my want and what was happening.

After a while, I said, "OK. Cool. May be, I'll learn a song, come and play within a month or so, May be then you'll get inspired and then you can start actually using it!!"

The coolest thing was, I wasn't particularly testing or trying out Law of Attraction. I just knew that I should have a guitar with my by Saturday, and the precise day on which i got it was what still amazes me. Also, I don't usually ask the way i did.

I think, when the context of why you want - what you want is clear, the want becomes clearly understood by the universe and it responds quickly.

Now, I ask for the next step to the universe: "Send me a tutor who can teach me to play a song in a month".

Share your comments on law of attraction, Guitar tutoring or your general opinion about Saturdays! Whatever! I am so happy!

[P. S. : The dialogues are actually paraphrased. I made it in dialogue format for the interesting appeal and also that i don't remember the exact dialogues :) ]