Monday, February 25, 2013

15 Day Fat Loss Diet

Lunch: Boiled chicken with tomato, cucumber & yogurt.

Dinner: Oat meal with honey and pomegranate

Recently I did a diet experiment on reducing the fat percentage in the body. I had lost upto 2Kgs during this time. More importantly my subcutaneous fat level went from 17.6 to 16.2 %. Energy levels was good those days and face was brighter!

Along with this diet, i was also working out at the gym and did yoga for most of the days. Earlier, without the diet, but with workout and yoga, i had not lost weight and didn't do any fat percentage measurement.

My Purpose of doing this diet was to see if i can enjoy eating only raw food (with eggs, milk, honey). I have found out that given the environment i live in, it is difficult for me to resist from temptations (rolls, melting moments, oily curries). Currently, I am not following any particular diet pattern, however, i am making a new plan which would be a combination of fixed diet (healthy, nutritious and mainly raw) + spontaneous eating (freedom to eat oily foods, rolls and chocolates).

The new diet would be in accordance to the following in the order of priority:
  1. Tasty
  2. Variety
  3. Nutritious
  4. Healthy
  5. Cost Effective
  6. Energetic
  7. High Protein
  8. Less Oil usage
  9. Easy to prepare

Diet Plan (11-Jan-2013 to 24-Jan-2013)

111-jan-20134 Bananas
Oat+Milk, Endura mass Protein Shake
1.5 Apple, 1 pear, 2 carrots, 
1 mousambi in milk + honey

12-Jan-2013Bournvita, 4 Bananas
Protein shake, 
Muskmelon juice
Roasted Chicken subway sandwich 
(only sweet onion, mustard and mint sauce)

Raddish Soup - half boiled (Raddish,
 pinch of oil, salt, turmeric)
313-jan-20131 pear1 Apple
Steamed Chicken Momos, a bit of 
popcorn (It was an indulgence)
A large Coffee
Spinach Juice, Beetroot soup - half 
boiled (beetroot, radish, cabbage)
414-Jan-20134 BananasA large Coffee
lime+Ginger+pepper+Salt (raw)
Protein Shake, 2 Egg whites, 
Spinach Juice
Spinach juice, Oats+ milk+ pear
515-Jan-20134 Bananas2 Banana
Spinach + Cucumber+ tomato+lime+
pepper+rock salt (semi boiled)
Pomegranate Milk Shake+
honey, Mosambi Juice+honey
Spinach Juice, 3 egg whites, 
4 Bananas
A large Coffee
Spinach Juice, 
1 mausambi
Spinach Juice, 3 egg whites, Oats+ 
nuts + honey

Subway roasted chicken, 
1 Cup cooked dal
717-Jan-20134 Bananas2 bananas
Cabbage + Tomato + Raddish + Lemon+
 Curd + Kellogs fruit & nut cereals
Chicken Delite soup, 
Tomato soup
Eggs Scrambled made with less oil
818-Jan-20134 Bananas
dry fruits (cashews, 
almonds and raisins)
Boiled (2 whistles in cooker) Beetroot+
boiled corn+onions, 2 Beetroot juice, 
Oats+honey, Bournvita + milk
3 Egg whites
5 min boiled Bottle gourd+radish+
tomato+raw cucumber
919-Jan-20134 Bananas
Pav Bhaji + Boiled Marinated(turmeric, 
rock salt, pinch chilli powder, 4tsp curd)
Chicken (1 tsp oil+ mustard seed+ onion+ tomato +
250 gm chicken)

5 min boiled Bottle Gourd+carrot+
Cucumber+Tomato+raw cucumber, 
Banana+dry fruits Milk shake
4 Bananas
2 Bananas
Cucumber+carrot+tomato juice, 
3 Egg whites,
 1 bournvita+ honey
Mixed fruit juice
2 cups dal, 1 Roasted Chicken Subway, 
2 eggs scrambled, bournvita + honey
1121-Jan-20133 Bananas + 2 coffeeBanana Milk Shake
Tomato+ cumber juice, 1/2 cup Dal, 

Egg Scrambled
Biriyani + Paneer
1222-Jan-2013Biriyani + Paneer
2 Cups Dal1 Roasted Chicken Subway
250GM Boiled chicken Chicken + 
cucumber salad
1323-jan-20131 Apple, 1 coffee
Cucumber, Tomato, Brocolli
Protein shake, 3 egg whites, 
250GM Boiled chicken

Brocolli+ Raddish+ Cabbage+ Tomato+
Salt + Pepper Slightly cooked with 
sprinkled oil, Egg Scrambled
1424-jan-20134 Bananas
250GM Boiled chicken Chicken+
cucumber salad
Roti, Sabji, Dal
1525-jan-2013Eggs scrambled
Roti, Sabji, Dal
Spinach Juice
Roti, Sabji, Dal

* All mentioned in the red colour are indulgences, where i didn't strictly follow the diet.