Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge movie Review

I don't know how entertaining it is going to be for you. But depends on what you consider entertainment or you watch movies for entertainment.

It is gory. Depiction of world war.

It made me think of people like Howard Roark, Elon Musk, Sadhguru jaggi Vasudev, Martin Luther King junior, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Pavlina.
Celebrates man's loyalty to his values (convictions) even if it leads him to hell. He finds solace in his values and aligning with them. 

This movie made me cry. Interestingly at the most unconventional of places. (Spoiler Alert: When he proposes to her for marriage after she very cutely confronts him. lol.). May be it was because how naive and authentic he was and it worked (he gets the girl :) ). About how much she seem to see through to him to his depth and falls for the MAN that he is. May be reassures me to naive and authentic to actually succeed.

Being scrawny is not an excuse for being brave. 

Makes me think, where have i given up my values for comfort and ease where i should trusted and aligned to values.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Questions i (wish to) ask myself every morning!

How would I like to live today? 
What learning would I like to have today? 
What would I like to experience today? 
Who would I like to experience today? 
What youtube video to listen to today?  (or whatever video relevant)
What book should i subject myself to today?
Why them? What wellbeing am I intending to create today? 
What entertainment would I like to have today? 
Am I escaping something through it? Am i escaping some reality through that?
What part of "work" I want to do today?
How am i going to play today?
Am i playing through my work?
When am I sitting with my eyes closed today? Why?
what do i intend to accomplish with that? Is it just a habit or an exploration of unknown?
Do i disconnect with minutiae everyday to actually accomplish that?
What physical activity God intended for me to do today? and when?  
What Facebook, Instagram photo am I sharing today? 
Is it necessary? 
How to make the world a little more better today? 
Did i get pumped thinking of it? 
If not, what would I rather do? 
What goals matter to me most today? 
How am I taking care of physical, mental and emotional fitness today? 
How much of to-do list i cleared up today?
What big goal and gave i am playing for today?

I realize this is an evolving list!
Yes. I ask this to myself every now and then.
No. Not always the answer is fantastic. But it is real.
Yes. This inspires me big time.
Yes. There is bunch more i want to add to this.

Do add your 1 or 2 (or 10) such questions in comments! Let me know you vibe with me! ;)