Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Questions i (wish to) ask myself every morning!

How would I like to live today? 
What learning would I like to have today? 
What would I like to experience today? 
Who would I like to experience today? 
What youtube video to listen to today?  (or whatever video relevant)
What book should i subject myself to today?
Why them? What wellbeing am I intending to create today? 
What entertainment would I like to have today? 
Am I escaping something through it? Am i escaping some reality through that?
What part of "work" I want to do today?
How am i going to play today?
Am i playing through my work?
When am I sitting with my eyes closed today? Why?
what do i intend to accomplish with that? Is it just a habit or an exploration of unknown?
Do i disconnect with minutiae everyday to actually accomplish that?
What physical activity God intended for me to do today? and when?  
What Facebook, Instagram photo am I sharing today? 
Is it necessary? 
How to make the world a little more better today? 
Did i get pumped thinking of it? 
If not, what would I rather do? 
What goals matter to me most today? 
How am I taking care of physical, mental and emotional fitness today? 
How much of to-do list i cleared up today?
What big goal and gave i am playing for today?

I realize this is an evolving list!
Yes. I ask this to myself every now and then.
No. Not always the answer is fantastic. But it is real.
Yes. This inspires me big time.
Yes. There is bunch more i want to add to this.

Do add your 1 or 2 (or 10) such questions in comments! Let me know you vibe with me! ;)