Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Reasons why i recently turned vegetarian

Recently, 3 weeks back, i made a change in my life and became a vegetarian. Many asked me why. 
So i decided to answer it here.

Since childhood, I was a vegetarian by habit as my parents were vegetarians and i wasn't socially influenced to try meat. That happened when i was in college, at 16, i started eating meat.. (i had tried out eating eggs when i was 12 and i didn't hate them). Then again i decided to go vegetarian 6 years later which i followed for i for 2 years and gave it up and became a meat eater again like a wuss. 

Now, consciously i have chosen to be vegetarian, to start with. Eventually i intend to move towards vegan, raw, organic, wholesome and natural food (VROWN Diet). This is based on knowledge and wisdom from authorities that i adore, respect and try to live up to.

I have been working on changing many aspects of my life which aren't working for me and bring it in alignment with truth, love and power. As a part of that, this step of going away from meat eating was an inevitable living.
Turns out, other than taste, there is nothing really great about eating meat. Also, liking to a "taste" can be rewired in our brains

4 Reasons why i recently turned vegetarian.

  1. The knowledge that human body isn't designed to digest those complex proteins coming from meat. Apparently, we are at our physical best when eating VROWN Diet
  2. It is a myth that we don't get enough proteins from a vegan diet. Some of the leading body builders and athletes are aparently vegan. I think quoting Frank Medrano;)
  3. Global Warming. Meat producing industry is the leading contributor for global warming. I would be a stupid if i said i dont care about the environment. Non knowing is one thing but choosing to be ignorant is totally immature and its disrespectful. 
  4. Spiritual growth. For me spirituality is realizing my potential ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and any other dimensions possible. Looks like VROWN diet is the best bet towards that.

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Unknown said...

Well written... And most important - a sensible, sensitive and inspiring conversion :)