Monday, April 21, 2014

Mainstream.. I love it.. i hate it.. i love it.. i hate it..

Mainstream places are safe. But boring too..
Places that aren't polluted by humans are risky.. But rife with adventure..
Mainstream has consumed me.. Everywhere in life.. In what to think.. how to think.. what topics to discuss with friends.. the political jokes.. the movies.. the tv shows..
There is little room for me to think new thoughts.. 
thoughts and epiphanies that come to me.. while in a surreal moment while watching a movie.. at some peak moments of meditation.. while meeting a stranger and talking to him.. while i see a facebook update from a friend who is doing something very non-mainstream.. 
All those epiphanies and legendary thoughts die .. the moment i get back to my life.. my life filled with mainstream.. thorugh TV, friends, family, and every thing that is constant in life.. that i meet everyday... 

I don't complain though..
Mainstream gives me a sense of comfort.. 
To create really solid habits.. 
To create really solid character..
is my guidance when I delve into the unknown..
into the wild..
into the non-mainstream..
While i take the road less traveled by..
While i fight back in places when nobody around me..

So as much as i hate mainstream.. for when i stick to it.. i am only mediocre at best..
It allows me to be okay with mediocrity in certain areas of life.. 
and i go ahead and strive for excellence in other areas...

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