Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happiness Survey. (Awareness Drive)

"My life is my message" - Mahatma Gandhi

We all want to do our bit to contribute to the society. When we see some inspirational movies or hear some quotes, we want to do something. But the problem is, by the time we step out of the house or make couple of calls to do something about it, we have lost that inspiration and motivation... Then we just forget that intention in our regular life.

I was also like this. But after doing this for years together, and then when i looked back, i hated that part of myself that said "I want to do something for the country, but i just don't know how". So i allowed the universe to give me a chance to contribute to the society without messing up my precious life... And i got one.

If you are also like me, and want to do some thing for india, then use this link ( and fill up the survey and get as many people to fill it up as you can.

What is the survey about?

If you check the link and see those questions, its very self explanatory that this is about getting people more aware to vote rather than to just sit and complain and not do any thing. It is a simple tool for taking action.

Why this survey?

The moment you get aware our happiness is our responsibility, we start taking responsibility in shaping up the society around us to suit us.. and hence we start getting involved, (even in a very small way) to shape the country. If not today, this initiative (i feel) will shape the country in the next 5 or 10 years for sure.

How to get involved more?

It is an art of living (AOL) initiative. There is a whole lot of action going on in making everybody (also the educated youth who has more power and take less responsibility) in india to take responsibility in shaping up our nation. So you can contact me (with your area) or any AOL person and ask for I Volunteer for Better India (IVBI) and get involved.

Please leave a comment if you have filled it or not..

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