Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stupid little Creative Adventures

I have done most of them here. Some of them i am going to do. Soon.
You can try these for 2 hours to start with and increase time. These are 2 person activities. If you want life to be interesting, start with yourself. Don't be afraid to be interesting. For you to enjoy the process of driving, you need to start the vehicle at some point, right?
  1. Blindfold one person. The other person should guide the temporarily blinded person through crowd, traffic, cafe, etc. 20 minutes. Then switch. This is like a trust exercise. This is super fun.
  2. Road trip with a friend. No talking. Communicate (if you have to) through smiles, emotions. If you can convince both of you to fully invest into that, this can be super fun - once you cross the initial weirdness stage.
  3. Stare into eyes and communicate. Not allowed to open mouth. Activity can be done but has to be a together one - like painting, dancing, cooking, etc.
  4. Volunteer together. Conversations only about the activity. Any other inside jokes, movie talks are not allowed. Rules make the game fun.
  5. Create the best experience for another - movie, massage, drinks - whatever. In those few minutes/ hours, YOU don't exist.. only the other person exists. Your needs, wants, likes, dislikes, etc does not exist. Live for the other person just for 2 hours. Find out what the other likes and surprise them.
  6. Have a bet on who can make the most strangers smile. I started this as a self exercise. Now it has kinda become a habit.
  7. Sing/ Dance in public to/ with each other. Like the road, near that idli shop, in the train, Metro, while waiting in queue, etc. Dont think. Just Be. Just do.
  8. Go and soak in the beauty of nature with the senses. And then without the senses. Close the eyes and meditate next to each other.
Some of these things seems cheesy, but who the fuck cares? 
What are some of your ideas?


Unknown said...

Do yoga, listen to knowledge series, help each other practice self awareness in order to unleash their insights about their deeper selves, have healthy debates :D

Anonymous said...

These are such fun ideas! I would like to try them and report back to you!

I will add a few activities:

1) Do something that might be considered awkward/socially unacceptable in public and see how people react to you differently/treat you differently. What did you learn?
Some ideas: pretend to speak in a lisp, color one of your teeth black and then talk to someone new, stare at someone for a little bit too long, blow your nose at the dinner table (my personal favorite in India! haha), not giving the standard answer when someone asks you a question

2) Don't talk for two hours (time limit is per your comfort).

3) Live a week with only 40 items! I actually did this. Great experiment