Thursday, February 11, 2016

I disconnected from Facebook so I connect with my Self

I like facebook. I dislike it even more. I am not divorcing, just a trial separation. I am just going to invest time and energy on other pursuits. In fact i did that last 40 days. I might have logged in twice for about 2 minutes in the last 35 - 40 days. I have now found a new and meaningful way of relating to facebook. This post is more like a reminder to my future self incase if i get into the vacuum again.

But what about people who care about me and want to know what is going on with my life?

I will try and post some every now and then. But i am not going to wait around for likes and comments. If you feel like knowing what is going on with my life, here is my blog. 
It is extremely tailored, edited, moderated, very coherent, uplifting, extremely entertaining, engaging, well writttten, well punctuated.;, grammatically impeccable, literally unparalleled. haha. really? you believed all that? None of that.

Its going to be authentic me - That i can promise.

Or whatsapp me, call me or better yet - bring some nice food and wine and meet me in person.

The facebook vacuum story:

Does the following story ring a bell? 
You start by logging in to just check the updates and who else has liked or commented on your photo. Then you start responding to the comment. Then, one photo of one of the comments pulls you in and you follow the curiosity and go "like" it and then the next photo and then you are stuck on their WALL as something about what they have "shared" is funny and interesting and useful. And you go ahead and share it. Some one "likes" it and you feel like you have done some service to humanity.. which lets you to go ahead and "share" more similar stuff. And then you move on to a new genre - awe-inspiring and world changing stuff.. Right when you have had enough "inspiration" and "motivation" posts, you get drawn into those funny AIB, qtiyapa and "john oliver" videos and you laugh your ass off and then you need more "fix" "hit". You look for more "high content" "funny" stuff and you keep chasing that high with better "fix"es and you are not getting any. It has been 2 hours since and you have settled to the good old "lolz catz" videos and memes. And then you realize you have to go do the "work" which needs you to focus and then you resort to facebooking again as your brain has gotten used to this "easy"ness. And you are totally, completely and utterly lost. 

One day, like many other days, i was going through with that drama. Then, about a month and half back, i said "no more". And quit facebook cold turkey. All of a sudden i have so much space, time and energy available for me. Not just time. So much of life is available for me.
I have improved phenomenally at work. I can access my deeper core and offer my values even more. I am actively pursuing life. I am dancing more. More joyful. All those.

During those days while i was sucked into the facebook vacuum, even though i did lots of adventure and YOLO stuffs, it felt like there is always this certain nagging lack of contentment in not living my life completely -- like -- Everyone around me is traveling or doing things, moving on in life and "living" and i was the only one who wasn't happy all the time or traveling all the time or "living" out there.
Then, I  realized that it is an unnecessary distraction to put myself through a jealousy cycle and get myself out of it. Even though i am in path of yoga, i do get jealous, except when i watch it happening - within a minute or two (sometimes days and weeks) and then transform it. But why go through that little cycle at the cost of my joyful mission, right?

When i disconnected, It is uncomfortable to stay in that "vaccuum" and during those careless moments, Instagram or twitter or youtube (or a similar thing) tried to get sucked right into the vacuum. Thankfully none has such black mass that facebook has.

This way of living is more fun. Alright. Gotta go. Now i got to log into facebook and see who has "like"d this. LOL.

Feb 15 2016 Edit: Now that i am in control, i am going to log in every now and then to share stuff. Or i might not.

The benefits in the past non-facebook days?

  • Actually living out there
  • Day dreaming more
  • Playing with kids/ animals more
  • Being available for friends
  • Spending more time with rubik's cube 
  • Write a lot more
  • Spending more time sitting with eyes closed (that is the best adventure)

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