Monday, January 11, 2016

Why meditate? #noteToSelf

To get out of unconscious, compulsive, habitual, addicted, needy behavior to be on reactive mode all the time ~ like whatsapp, facebook or next episode of tv show, or gossip..

And to get into a very present, responsive, calm, centered, intense, abundant, non-needy, joyful, focused state of mind and operate from there and train yourself to operate from there.

The process of sitting in meditation actually disconnects you from the habitual way of thinking ~ layer by layer ~ so you may get into 

  • Either - thoughtless aware state, 
  • Or - aware state chosen thoughts 
  • Or - a flow state where creative and new ideas arise as solution to existing problem
  • Or - All the above
The very purpose of sitting in meditative pose is to disconnect.. And connect.
To actively Disconnect. And connect (where?)

Disconnect - from the materialistic reality of life. And create a space so that you may 
Connect to the ethereal or other available realities.

Disconnect - from the the materialistic internet 
Connect - tune into another kind of network (of energies? as in Avatar?)
Disconnect - to the "outside" and turn inwards and 
Connect - with body, breath, mind?, energy

You don't know what you are going to get or meet or experience. Yet you create a space of no expectation and practice just BEING

Meditation (or creating an meditative atmosphere within yourself) is just a curious exploration into the unknown, 
on a daily basis, 
on an hourly basis , 
on a weekly basis - 
without actually moving the physical body ~ exploring in the realms of unknown.

Not because you realize your chakras, 
not because you connect with your spirit guides, 
not because you will raise your energy levels 

~ may be all this could happen and that could a bonus.

Whether all those things happen or not, even if they are the reason and motivation for sitting for meditation ~ you create a space for it may actually happen and/or something new.

To learn to wait! To practice to wait! To wait joyfully!
So you may learn not to be imprisoned by the need constantly engage the senses and constantly entertain
To actually try and perceive if there is actually a world beyond, as the sages say, or the mystics or the shamans say.
To learn to have infinite patience
To learn to get ideas
To facilitate depth in the so called LSD experience.

To actively confront boredom and revel in it, to BE with it.
To actually enjoy the pleasures of life by not overloading the senses without a break!

I read this some where. Some of it may resonate with you and enable and empower you in your meditation journey.

There are three golden rules for meditation. The first is you say “I want nothing, I want nothing for next 15-20 minutes.” If you say “I need to drink water or change my position,” then meditation cannot happen. When you want nothing, then you also do nothing. The second golden rule is “I do nothing.” You only breathe. Do not make an effort to think “I want nothing” and “I do nothing” - Just an effortless attention. Then the last one is even more important, “I am nothing.” While meditating we drop all notions about ourselves of being rich, poor, intelligent, stupid, male, female or any other. So what are you? Nothing! After meditation you can again be something. It is your choice, but if you think, during meditation, that you are somebody great or somebody hopeless, there is no way you can settle down to that deepest core of the being. This must be our initial step to settle into that infinity, the consciousness of which we are all made up of. It is the journey from sound to the inner joyful silence.

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Purnima Nair said...

Very well said Santa!!! Loved the meditation part, when one reads it and understands what actually the word "Meditation" means
Or rather the power this one simple word has, you have captured it so well and in a simple manner..... Brilliant ���� keep posting such stuff worth reading...