Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Fireproof

Upon Rachana's insistance, I decided to watch this movie. Given the fact that it is me who is a recovering movie-aholic, a movie suggestion from her didnt go unnoticed. I had to watch it.

So i saw the movie, with her by side. First 10 minutes was spent in laughing at the pathetic acting, a non existent mainstream-movies-quality story telling and background scores. She got a bit pissed off as little did know that i knew better to judge the movie soon, that i knew to be patient enough and that i was going to give the entire movie my attention.

Then, after the initial 10 minutes, i was striken, no more laughs (at the movie). I was fully sucked in, thoroughly enjoying it.

It answers many questions like:
  • What it means to be unconditionally loving and derive pleasure from the act rather than from being loved back?
  • The true meaning of life (or in relationships) is in giving, not having wealth, not acquiring knowledge
  • How to be a source of life, inspiration, love, fun?
  • What it takes to win the heart of someone? Especially win over the heart of someone who has grown to hate you?
  • How spirituality offers the awesome ways to impress a girl :)
  • What it takes to save a marriage? (Marriage in truest sense)
  • What the hell does it mean to be commitment?
  • Patience. Patience. It sets an example of patience. I can not emphasize it enough. I do not mean the kind of patience where the world (people) treat you wrong and you doing nothing about it because you were a wuss. This kind of patience destroys the inner soul, inner warrior. No. Not that. How to patient and still be exuberant, alive and while letting the inner warrior grow. The kind of patience where you wait for the plant to grow and not expect it to germinate the next day. The wise kind of patience. 
  • How to learn unconditional loving that divine is already teaching us ~ everyday ~ every second. (The scene where the father and son converse and the father stands under the jesus cross and that scene explains the answer to his son's questions. I loved that scene too much).
It has Christianity references, but i found them to be spiritual rather than religious. So, i didnt mind it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1129423/

I ended up appreciating the relationships that i have in my life. I started recognizing where people are being truely  loving without expecting any thing in return. My mom, dad ~ in his own not-so-expressive ways, my brother, rachana, aiswarya, and more.

In conclusion, i'd say: Don't ask so many questions. Just schedule and watch it. 
Or.. If you have time for transformers latest movies or 300 part 2 or the twilights or Spidermans... uff... what nots.. If you have time for them all and gonna watch those types again.. then.. Good luck with your life!!

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Beautifully expressed Santhanam :)