Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The more and more I confronted who I truly am and what I wanted in life, I more and more became a heart person.
Instead of being run by my brain all the time, I ran my brain a little. 
I switched it off sometime and just surrendered to somebody else's wisdom. 
I enjoyed the "Trusting someone "experience. What a liberation!!

All there is in life is "Experience". I studied, partied, bunjee-jumped, swam, switched jobs - all for an experience, I thought. A new experience.
New experiences of my being through doing.
I "did" somethings to "be" somewhat.  Now I am learning "being" and "doing" things being that being.
I am no master in that. But, I practiced, practice & will practice.

I heard a saying, "They first win the war and then go to war". For its just a game, For that is the level of Integrity. For that is their mastery in integrity, whoever they are.
Integrity, I think, is being true to my deepest self and allow the expression of that through actions, when somewhere in the quest, the deepest self and the actions are one and the same.

Integrity is a word and nothing else. Just plain Nothing else.
And, I shall live for that word.


Prasanna said...

Great post!! Practice ....I get it !!itz the key!!

naraykln said...

g8 post. somebody thinking a lot..


Good post bro. You triggered me to remember an interview in which Dr.Kamalhassan said "Honesty might not be the best policy, but it is not that expensive to catch hold of." He added "Personal integrity is a luxury, that you should afford and practice to stay as a person whom you are to achieve success." Thumbs-up..!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys...
Narayanan :)
Sudharshan, Kamal has always been a "more than meets with the eye" character for me. No wonder he utters such lines..

And, after the last line of the article "Integrity is a word and nothing else. Just plain Nothing else." Add a line "And to to exist for the word...". Might create an alternate context of understanding :)

Unknown said...

"Integrity" - I was viewing that as rule.... now stopped... "Integrity" - being complete.... so bringing completeness to the area we want to expand makes us complete...

Neet said...

AmAZing Post..!re-read it again and got a better perspective of it..."Experience" is the father of all word(s) which brought forward this post.

Hope to read more of ur "experiences".

p.s: wanted to comment here coz of the way u have quoted the "leave ur comment" section. NICE. :)

More Entertainment said...

hii.. Nice Post Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Best Regarding.

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